Scapefall Released!
Jun 23, 2015

The wait is over. Scapefall has been released and is now available on the App Store for $0.99.

Scapefall Launch Date Set!
Jun 14, 2015

The journey is nearly over. Scapefall has been approved by Apple and will be released on the App Store June 23rd!

In just nine days, you'll be waging war as the United States, Japan, or the USSR.

Scapefall Gold!
Jun 5, 2015

It has been a long time coming, but Scapefall is now officially complete! After years of working on the game, making changes, and tweaking concepts, Scapefall is finally done and is now in the hands of Apple.

Check out the trailer above or get more information here.

See You in London!
Jan 10, 2015

After a treacherous and bumpy ride, Scapefall is nearly ready for release! I'm going to be in London, from the 13th to the 14th, attending the PG Connect Connects London convention and showing off Scapefall in the Very Big Indie Pitch.

The New Year
Jan 1, 2014

The short version: happy new year, Scapefall is nearly done and I apologize for the lack of communication. The long version can be found in my latest journal.