Release Date:
iPad & iPhone
Strategy, Action
Mild violence and themes

The world has descended into a perpetual state of war. Only the United States, Japan and the USSR remain - but which will emerge victorious?

In this blend of strategy and action, players will need to exploit every option to survive a two front war. From launching customized rockets, researching new technologies, deploying military forces and more, players will either claim victory or ensure their own defeat.

Claim victory on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch:
  • Build and defend your nation against enemies by researching new technologies, designing and launching ballistic rockets, and deploying your military forces.
  • Over 15 rocket technologies allow for highly customized ballistic rockets - launch everything from incendiaries to nukes.
  • Wage war with more than 10 different military units - snipers, attack helicopters, artillery and more each play a specific role in combat.
  • Play as the United States, Japan or the USSR as you build your nation and manage resources. Will your nation stand the test of time or succumb?
  • Challenge yourself with achievements and highscores.
  • Purchase once for just $0.99, and enjoy the game on any of your devices with full HD support.