Starting 2014 Properly
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First off, happy New Year everyone - I hope all of your New Year's celebrations went off well.

It's been far too long since my last update and for that I apologize. Facebook, Twitter, the website and months of emails have drifted into stagnancy which obviously never should have happened. With each passing day that Scapefall remained delayed and with each broken promise the pressures of interacting with both the public and professionals grew and grew until finally becoming some kind of absurd abomination that weighed constantly upon me. This growing sense of anxiety was abandoned when I travelled to Europe (for the first time) as part of long planned school program to learn about the history of architecture and art.

While in Europe I ignored Scapefall and the growing mountain of unanswered emails as best I could and felt better for it. I knew my actions were foolish and unprofessional but freeing myself from Scapefall and everything else was far too easy and far too liberating. And of course all the while people had no idea what was going on.

Well it's a new year and it's time to finally tackle this sloppy mess. Scapefall is still in development and at this point I'm fixing bugs, cleaning things up and generally bringing everything together now in this final stretch. I intend to have the game finished by the end of the month which means it should come out February provided there are no publishing issues. While not working on Scapefall I'm going to be sifting through the ocean of emails that have accumulated and I've not the slightest idea of when they'll all be finally dealt with.

In the meantime I'll be pursuing a more active presence on both Facebook and Twitter and will make a point of interacting with you guys more than just once a year.

It's a new year and I needed to start it off properly by apologizing for the previous one. 2014 is going to be a great year and I can only hope that you'll be there to enjoy the ride with me.


Dan Arc.

Cool that the app isn't dead! Will there be an beta or so?
LG, Tim
Hey Tim, sadly there won't be a public beta for Scapefall.
Good. As long as you are not dead, I'm happy and confident that you will release more games.
Cool 312
Hey love your games I love batman games but also love nightwing but he dose not have any games I was wondering if dark realm. Could make one for xbox 360 really help hope you do thanks please try to answer my comment as soon as possible thanks:)
Fixed the spam issue and will be adding some safeguards. Sorry about the obscene amount of spam that accumulated.
I've been sick for most of the new year (three separate illnesses) but have finally recovered. Next journal will be on the AI for Scapefall.
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